Ed Ellis

About Ed Ellis

Background – Level of Education, Institutes and Associations

MD - Edward Ellis has been actively involved in the built environment for over be 45 years. His primary involvement has always been in superstructure activities and works packages that form the external structural envelope of buildings. He has been a consultant to the industries clients, professions and trades since 1995.  He has an abundance of trade, management and academic credentials that allow him to operate across a vast array of operations.

He is degree qualified MSc with distinction in Architecture: Advanced Environment and Energy Studies - Sustainable Development and Alternative Construction Technologies - MSc Arch: AEES SD&ACT.  

He holds formal CIOB Status as a Member and is a Chartered Construction Manager - (MCIOB) - http://www.ciob.org.  His studies and achievements have included MIEMA; Member of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment - https://www.iema.net and, C.Env; Chartered Environmentalist - https://socenv.org.uk

He has been a liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Constructors - . https://constructorscompany.org.uk.  Consequently, he holds the Freedom of the City of London as a Freeman. https://www.guild-freemen-london.co.uk

Edward’s thesis and authorships include: Compressed Earth Blocks - Every Grain Counts, The Acceptance and Accreditation of Earth Construction Techniques without Certification and The Unified Soil Classification Standard, the Standard of Gradation for Compressed Earth Blocks and Rammed Earth Walling.

EEA Enterprises: Earth Construct specialise in earth block, hybrid earth and alternative construction technologies.  Ed Ellis and his associates are recognised as leading world authorities in the manufacture, procurement and build of earth block and alternative construction structures - concept to completion, master planning, project consulting, training and skill set transfer.