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Construction Management:

Design, Project and Contract Management
Construction & Contracting
Clients Agent – CDM & PCI Coordination

Technical Management – Product Material Development, Design and Interface

Design & Build and Design & Product Interface and Coordination
Building Systems & Components Development – Sustainability, Life Cycle, Cradle to Cradle.
Structural Envelopes & Integrated Systems; Walls, Floors and Roofing
Specialised Dry Wall Fabric – Facades and Ventilated Rainscreens – All Forms
Trades, Building Services and Builders Work. CAD & CAE Drafting and Technical Detailing.

Traditional Build and Hybrid Construction

New Build Housing and Hybrid Construction – Refurbishment and Modernisation
Major Structural Alterations Cut & Carve Projects – Exploratory Works & Packages
Project Feasibility, Concept Brief, Post CDMC, PCI – Reporting and Coordination
Duty Holder Compliance: CDM, General Industry, Statutory Body and Local Authority
All Building and Allied Trades and Trade Package Management
Site Survey and Setting Out – Infrastructure, Substructure and Superstructure.

Specialised Technical Skills – Sustainable Development

Earth Construction – Compressed Earth Block; Manufacture – Design and Build
Sustainable Development and Alternative Construction Technologies
Hybrid Earth Technologies Building Systems – Design Assessment – Build Implementation
Environmental – Advanced Environment and Energy – Domestic Market Assessment & ROI

Business and Administrative

Document Account Management (Financial, Company and Administrative)
Bookkeeping and Accountancy in Building, Construction and Contracting
Visual Bookkeeping and Accountancy
Scanning and Document Imaging, Access and Active Archives
Business Development – Supply Chain and Partnering
Case Management – Contract Investigation and Negotiations
Case Management – Site Investigation, Theft, Misuse, Abuse and Fraud
Book Debt Management & Debt Resolution.